Let’s get back to what your wedding is all about...

 Celebrating your love and your choice to spend your lives together


Learning to dance for your wedding should not be stressful. Period.

It should be a chance to spend time together, learning something that connects you. It isn't about being perfect.

It's about being YOU.

Working with me, we create a one-of-a-kind dance that reflects your personality as a couple. I make sure you feel confident so that you can relax and

ENJOY dancing together.


"They loved it! Everyone said we looked super pro!!"
          -Stephanie and Greg


"I can't thank you enough -- we had an amazing time and it paved the way for what it is like for the two of us to dance as a couple."
         -Ali and Adam

Sessions are an hour long and can be held in home or in studio.  A minimum of 4 sessions is suggested. 6-8 is ideal to make sure you feel confident and relaxed. 

Contact me for rates and to schedule an initial conversation to make a plan that is right for you.